LIVEHOUSE-CHANG is a project by local indie artists providing their music to raise funds for local live venues struggling to stay afloat.

There are a lot of other movements around Japan to support local venues in these difficult times, and we fully support them. At the same time we wanted to do something of our own, so we started LIVEHOUSE-CHANG. Local venues have been hit really hard financially, and we want to do every little bit we can to help.


→ We made our first goal! So we added one more venue to the list: Jittoku in Kyoto.

All songs on our Bandcamp page from collaborating artists on this page are being sold for 500 yen, or you can choose to give what you want. All money received, after Bandcamp processing fees, will go towards the venues.

All of the music in our library is available for streaming. If you find something you like, please consider buying it to help support our local scene and venues.

Now, in Japan, we can’t go watch or perform live gigs. We hope that the music provided by collaborating artists will help people get through these dull times, and introduce people to new music. And once this is all over, maybe more people will want to go out to live venues and check out and see these awesome artists play live!

We really appreciate your support!
1st GOAL

Our first goal is to be able to give 100,000 yen each to these two venues. If we make our goal, we plan on increasing the number of supported venues.

→ We reached our first goal! Thank you for your support! The funds will be given to Hard Rain and Socore Factory soon.

2nd GOAL
Our next is to raise 100,000 yen for each of the 3 venues, for a total of 300,000 yen. (Starting from the amount of money raised up to now, after subtracting the funds from the 1st goal.)

If we do not reach our goal, then the total funds raised at that point will be divided evenly among the listed venues.
The cost of a song: 500 yen
It’s about what you would pay for a drink at a show. It’s a bit more than what you would normally pay for a song online, but we decided on this amount to start at a low cost while still charging enough to give back to the venues.

All songs are sold individually, but some are sold together as compilation albums. Check them out!

There is no deadline at this point. We want to connect people to music, and help raise as much as we can for live venues, even if just a little.
The featured songs include demos, unreleased music, rough mix tracks, discontinued tracks, live recordings, and more, as provided freely by the collaborating artists. Our only condition to the artists was to provide a track that their fans would be happy about.

Copyrights of each song belong to the artists, so please use them for personal purposes only.
Any artists who want to contribute music to our project can contact us via Twitter or The Contact Page. We can provide more information such as how to send the music. However, please understand that we may not be able to properly handle inquiries in English.
We will make a separate page to announce the progress of our fundraising efforts. For now, we are reporting the progress on our Twitter account (Japanese only).


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